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ALWAYS. We are huge animal lovers, and would never test our products on our furry babies.

Some of our products qualify as vegan, and our products are gluten free.

We have outlined how to use our products on our product information page

We absolutely believe in providing fresh ingredients. Although our products are safe up to two years, we recommend using your products within 6 months of receiving it.

No, we use safer alternatives to preserve our products.

YES of course! We encourage you to be as creative as possible! Keep checking our videos page for different recipes and application tutorials.

Please email support@veribella.com.  We would LOVE to have you share our products everywhere!

Of course! There is a great myth out there that men don’t need skin care. Says who?? Men’s skin also needs some love!

We would love to consider you at support@veribella.com.

Possibly. Our product stability is tested at different temperatures, and therefore wont chemically change, but depending on conditions product may need time to adjust to the temperature in your house.

We get it!  Email:  support@Veribella.com and we will get you in touch with the appropriate team member.

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