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What drives you to be the best you can be? RDKL is a company that inspires kindness through beauty. We strive to provide a bigger purpose to your beauty regimen. We give back to our communities, and spread our kindness through acts of inspiration. Currently RDKL supports two amazing non-profits. A portion of our sales help fund the global fight against sex-trafficking through Unlikely Heroes, which have saved hundreds of children from slavery and help to restore their precious lives. Making Over Cancer is another one of our amazing non-profits we have the honor of working with. Making Over Cancer educates and provides makeovers for cancer patients. They teach them helpful hints on makeup and which products are safe before or after chemotherapy.

We also honor our everyday heroes. Teachers, mothers, grandmothers, veterans, dads! You name it, they’re heroes! Who would you nominate as your everyday hero? RDKL is breaking barriers in botanical skincare and we would love to take the journey with you. Everyone deserves to be pampered and feel their best self! 


At RDKL, our story begins with you, and we want to help you find your story. If you don’t think you have a story, then you do now! You are the hero in the RDKL story by offering hope to people who cannot find it. Not only will you look good and feel good when using RDKL products, but you will also be making a difference as you will be changing lives every time you choose RDKL. Every day you are invited to impact lives simply by partnering with us, using the RDKL products and creating a life of greater purpose

As RDKL grows, so will our message of kindness. There are countless non-profits operating today fighting for beauty, empowerment and giving back to those in need. Our hope is to add as many non-profits that can change lives and make a difference. Join us in making the word a better place for the future.

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