We don’t believe in coincidence at RDKL. Our story is a story of the intersection where passion, creativity and opportunity meet. How is it that a group of people have created an industry changing disruptive skin care brand that is not only clean and natural, but also WORKS, while at the same time, rescuing people from a life of slavery and give them hope? Let’s walk through this. It’s a great story of finding solutions to problems. Some may call it luck, but you decide. Simply, our passion led us to make a difference.


Trina, one of the RDKL founders dropped a $100 bottle of 1 oz face serum and it broke, so she bought another bottle. Well, now over $200 into a product, her husband Dave was ticked and started looking at the ingredients. Seeing a bunch of toxic and impure ingredients he said, “What?!?!? We are paying this much for toxic garbage?” So, the seed was planted and the amazing products and company started its embryonic growth.· THE PROBLEM: There are a lot of products that people use that are TOO EXPENSIVE and SIMPLY NOT CLEAN.· THE SOLUTION: Dave being an entrepreneur said, let’s do it right. Offer clean, natural products at a great price.What happened next is where the PROBLEM created OPPORTUNITY. Trina brought the idea of creating a natural skin care line that was paraben free, no chemicals or additives, but full of vitamins and active botanicals to a formulator and chemist who worked on the formulation, ingredient designs, and consulted with a chemist for Estée Lauder’s skin cancer division and over time THE RDKL PRODUCT WAS BORN.


So, we had a product. Great first step, but the most important question any person or company needs to ask came next. “What defines us”? We want a company that is solidly wrapped around the ideals of kindness, loving others, encouraging individuality, and wrapped in a culture of honor. Pretty tall order. . .except for people driven by passion.  Dave knew Kirk through previous entrepreneurial endeavors so he gave him a call. Kirk has a couple PhD degrees and was asked to help put together a unique company to change the world. Kirk joined the ownership team and helped develop a company wrapped around a social entrepreneurship model (i.e. being givers not takers). It’s the golden rule, a universal law of success, what goes around comes around, call it what you want, but it is more blessed to give than to receive, so we modeled our company after that.


Choosing a charity is not easy when there are an uncountable list of people dedicating their lives to helping others. But, we found one. The charity RDKL started with was Unlikely Heroes, a non-profit organizations that rescues boys and girls from a life of sex trafficking. As time moved on, so did the RDKL passion to make a difference, so the team started to add other charitable organizations to the RDKL family. Survivor Glam Squad, a charity dedicated to helping people battling cancer feel beautiful on the outside just as they are on the inside. When hair is falling out, and other side effects of cancer treatment, Survivor Glam Squad does a complete makeover with a national team of beauty experts who donate their time and resources to make a difference in people’s lives. RDKL is going to change the way commerce is done in America through a private/non-profit partnership and truly make a difference in this world.


RDKL has a great product, put together a rock-solid business model, became passionately driven to support causes that share the heart behind a message of KINDNESS, but if nobody knows about it, the effort will be meaningless. Well, not coincidentally, but through divine intervention, the RDKL team was introduced to Rembrandt Flores, a public relations and media guru from Los Angeles. Like the rest of the team, Rembrandt has a heart for helping those less fortunate.


Through all of this, it became clear that RDKL was set apart for something great. The common thread that binds all of the owners and executive team is the fact that they are extravagant givers--a team of servants. But when coupled with their area of expertise whether it be operations, product development, finance, entrepreneurship or public relations, the problem moved from a dream to a reality and an idea turned into a product, which grew into a company.  As RDKL continued to add further executives to the team, influencers and brand ambassadors something amazing started to happen. They all thought the same way! Givers, passionate about helping people, and dedicated to excellence in producing clean products for our extended RDKL family (you) and nurturing a culture of honor and transparency that will disrupt an industry and change how commerce is conducted.


With all of that in place, we needed to create an image that would disrupt an industry and attract attention. Our goal was to make skincare fun, disrupt the industry by offering honesty and transparency in our communications, clean and natural products, at a price that is affordable to the masses. RDKL has become REVITALIZE, DETOXIFY, KINDNESS, and LONGEVITY.  RDKL is passionate about you being all you were created to be: healthy, unique, an individual who was created for something magnificent.  With this in mind, RDKL uses only the finest clean ingredients and doesn't add any filler or fluff because you don’t need it. RDKL simply gives you what you need, nothing less because you are worth it. You are precious. You are significant. Simply put, you are worth it! Anti-aging is nonsense. People age! You can’t stop it. But, our goal is for all of us to Age healthily and age beautifully. Regardless of your true age, youthfulness starts on the inside. Youthfulness is a mindset and our goal at RDKL is to help you AGE BEAUTIFULLY.


All of this is done with giving in mind as people need us. You included. People need you. So, this brings us back to where we began. Remember when the bottle broke? That started this ball rolling, but it doesn’t end here. This is a partnership with you. We are family. Every time you use RDKL products to feel good and look good you are rescuing a boy or girl from a life of sex-trafficking. You are giving them hope. Join us and be part of the movement to a cleaner, healthier, happier you, while at the same time, being a light in this dark world and possibly making a mark in eternity. No small task, right? But, with all of us working together WE CAN CHANGE A CULTURE! That’s the RDKL story. It may have started with a broken bottle of skin care, but every problem has a solution. A solution can change eternity when passion, creativity and opportunity meet.

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